Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home

A friend of mine made a very interesting blog post today discussing where she feels at home at. The place she feels the most comfortable and like she belongs. It got me to wondering "Where do I feel the most at home at?"

For me it's complicated where I feel the most at home at. As a Navy Wife I feel it my duty to have shallow roots and be able to uproot and replant where ever the Navy sends us and make that my home. I've lived that mentality for a while now and that has made it kind of difficult to choose just 1 spot I feel like is my home.

I grew up in the midlands area of South Carolina just outside of Columbia on Lake Murray. It's the only place I lived before I met my now husband. My family however isn't from there. My maternal grandmothers family is from the Baltimore region of MD. My maternal grandfathers family is from Eastern TN just an hour outside of Knoxville in the mountains. I always felt like a piece of my heart belonged in TN as we often visited there for family reunions and harvest time for my Uncle's hay fields. We often visited Charleston SC too though and I always felt a great attraction there. Even more so now as it's where I met and fell in love with my amazing husband.

The Battery in Charleston SC overlooking the harbor is one place I always felt at home at. It's a combination of things that sets my soul at peace there. The smell of the water, the feel of the breeze and mist on my face, the sound of kids playing in the park and the leaves rustling, the feel of the ground firmly beneath my shoes unshifting, the smiles of the people as they pass by, the feeling of warmth and happiness that washes over me as all of these things meld together and my mind drifts away. It's the most peaceful feeling. Yet, it's not the most peaceful place. There's a park just on the other side of the walk, homes and apartment buildings towering behind the park, cars driving over the cobblestone street, people walking their dogs and out for an afternoon jog. It's quite a bustling little area yet all at the same time it brings me peace. It calms my soul and speaks to my heart. I know it sounds crazy, but it's as if the ocean and trees are wind are talking to me all at once telling me to let go of whatever is on my mind and just focus on the present. It's literally heaven on Earth.

It's not the only place I've ever felt such a deep connection to though. My family has a cabin on lots of ackerage located in the mountains of Eastern TN. It's not a big cabin. A 1 bedroom with a loft to be precise. Tiny and quaint. Quiet and secluded. The only thing to see for miles are cows, hay fields, the mountains, and a small quaint white church with a graveyard beside it that's located on family land. Everything within eye distance is Lowery land. The church was built and donated by my Grandfather's grandfather. The cemetary houses about 90% of my relatives. The select few that are burried there and not related by blood were long time family friends. There's a story that goes with every person burried there. Stories of love, courage, honor, commitment, and faith. Some were injured in wars and faught valiently and died years later. Others loved so deeply and gave their lives to bring forth a child. The stores are just amazing. As if the history behind each of the people there isn't enough to make my heart swell with pride and bring tears to my eyes the view surely is. When I sit down in one of the chairs on the porch of the cabin it's like being warped back to a time when life was much simpler. There's no Cable, no cell phone service, no internet, no video games, not even a home telephone. Just an old TV set that hasn't been turned on in years, an even older radio, and the sound of mother nature. The breeze blowing through the windows and across the porch, the trees swaying in the breeze, the cicadas chirping in the distance. It's isn't rare to see a Doe and her fawn out grazing in one of the pastures. Depending on the time of year there may be cattle in the fields behind the cabin and to the side. Even the cows don't bother me. There slow grazing and just basic lazy nature brings me back to a time much easier. My quieter and calmer. It's the best place to be left alone with your thoughts.

The burning question is though, which place do I feel more at home at? Which place do I feel I belong the most. I honestly am not sure. I don't think I could ever choose one over the other. Each have such a hold on my heart and soul that I don't believe I could let go of one or the other. So for that, I will always be a wanderer. Passing between the 2 to get my fill of what each one does best for me.

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