Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My introduction

I guess I started this blog back in December with the intentions of blogging about pressing issues that I felt I wanted to address. I posted one and then stopped. Sad times. I have since decided to move forward with this blog and continue what I wanted to do to begin with. I got a bit ahead of myself this morning with a new topic only to realize as I sat here editing my blog to make it visually appealing that I have yet to introduce myself and my family. So let's start over and introduce you to our quaint little family!!

My name is Morgan. I'm 26 years old and hail from the great state of South Carolina. My family is originally from eastern TN and thusly my blood runs orange for the Tennessee Volunteers. I am married to not only the love of my life and what could possibly be the greatest man on earth, but my soul mate and other half. We complete each other and our love runs deep. We aren't the average couple though and are very familiar with acting a fool together. His name is Leslie and he serves in the US Navy currently aboard the USS George H W Bush. He's a plank owner and however much distaste I may have for his current superiors we love the ship and will always hold a special place in our hearts for it. He's been in 9 yrs in May and we've been a couple for 8 in August. We were married on May 28th of 2007.

In March of 2009 we were blessed to welcome a little girl into our family who's name is Arianna. We fondly refer to her as A, Boogs, Boogy, or Booger Britches. She's now a roudy 2yr old with enough attitude for several grown adults but we love her all the same! She has 2 furry older brothers DC and Caesar. Both rescue kittens and both loveable balls of fur. DC is a Main Coon and a giant loveable little man. He keeps me company on the lonely nights when my husband is away.

We currently reside in Newport News, VA but are anxiously awaiting PCS orders. Our fondest hope is to recieve orders for Goose Creek, SC which is located outside of Charleston. With the military you never really know though so we aren't holding our breath until we have orders in hand. That's about it for me and my precious family. If you ever want to know more feel free to ask. I'm pretty much an open book.

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