Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Ramblings

I haven't felt inspired to write anything with greatness in it today so today will be a random rambling sort of day. It's been so incredibly weird here weather wise. Not even 2 weeks ago it was 80's and so nice that my daughter wore shorts and a tank to the park to run around in. Today it was the normal that it's been for about a week. Rainy, cloudy, and in the 30's. Not exactly perfect outdoor weather.

We didn't let that stop us today though. We went to the outlets here in Williamsburg for a little retail therapy. We've been cooped up far too much lately so it was nice to get out of the house and do something fun. I hit up my 2 favorite stores, Gymboree and Carters. At Gymboree I found my normal amazing steal on clothes. I got a fleece zip up hoodie for a total of 3.35 with tax. Honestly, you can't even find wal-mart hoodies that cheap. It was the best deal ever. I also picked up 3 pairs of bottoms and 3 shirts today for 35 bucks. For Gymboree, that's not too bad.

In Carters I continued my amazing deal finding. I had a 20% off coupon and a 10 dollar off coupon. I got gifts for 2 friends having babies. 4 rompers and a sleeper for 1 and 2 rompers, 1 onesie, and a 2 piece outfit for the other for all of 40 bucks. Amazing deals. :) Everything was 50% off practically in the store and with my 20% off coupon it made everything I bought 70% off. Then I got 10 dollars off which was like getting the outfit for free. :) Can't beat deals like that.

After our shopping extravaganza we went and filled our bellies with Chinese in the food court. My husband is out to sea so it was just me and the Boogster doing what we do best. Chowing down on some amazing grub. For a 2yr old she has a love already for ethnic foods. She'll eat Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Spanish, name it. I love having a child that's not a picky eater. Now if only we could get her appetite to actually make her grow a touch. teehee

We came home and Boogs went straight down for a nap. All that shopping is hard work I tell ya!! I paid all my bills today which is one of those things in life that's a catch 22. After I do it and I know all of them are paid it makes me feel so accomplished. Then when I look at how much it took from the bank account I sit and weep. Typical. At least the bills are paid and we still have money.

That's one of the joys of being military. It may suck a lot of the time and it may mean lots of lonely nights and stressful days but we always have money in the bank and our bills are paid. We always have a fridge full of food and clothes on our back. You can't complain about any of that!!! Well, I'm sure I've bored everyone to tears already with my totally random post so I shall sign off for the night. Until next time.

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